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Dolphin Max-Series

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Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Quantum Side view

The Dolphin Max-Series

Updated for 2023, the Dolphin Max-Series delivers on perfecting pool robots and their performance. These robotic pool cleaners are equipped with a Gen-2 MaxBin™ and all include NanoFiltration™ compatibility.

Record Breaking Cleaning Time & Capacity

Reducing the task to mere seconds, cleaning a Max-Series™ robot is now effortless—eliminating the struggle that often accompanies pool cleaner maintenance. Utilizing just one hand, you can seamlessly attend to the filtration bin. A quick lift of the top panel unveils a conveniently situated handle that springs into view. With a straightforward motion, you can access the single trap door on the top-loading Max-Series™ robots. This grants access to the MaxBin, which can be effortlessly emptied by tipping out its contents. In the presence of fine debris, a swift spray from a water hose will effectively remove these minute particles.

The chore of emptying the Quantum is now a clean-handed endeavor. The preceding Dolphin filter generation necessitated the disassembly of two smaller cartridges and engagement with six individual parts. Often requiring a spray-down with a water hose, the process would result in a mess. The Max-Series™, designed with convenience in mind, introduces a straightforward solution. With a simple one-handed action, the trap door opens, and the handle emerges. Consequently, the MaxBin can be swiftly emptied by tipping its contents out. The era of messy and time-consuming clean-ups is firmly in the past.

Dolphin MaxBin NanoFilter

Our Largest NanoFilter™ Ever.

The Quantum's 4002in NanoFilter™ MaxBin™ is larger than the standard sized filter found units such as the Dolphin E10. This larger basket holds more surface area to capture the smallest particles such as pollen, algae, bacteria, sand, and more.

What goes in. Stays in.

At the core of innoviation on the Max-Series is its motors. The Dolphin Quantum is incredibly efficient. Without pesky booster pumps, the Quantum is plug and play. Thanks to its powerful vacuuming ability, the Quantum captures nearly anything and everything - trapping it inside of its MaxBin™.

With two included filter options, the NanoFilter™ and standard filter, the Dolphin Quantum harnesses cutting-edge technology to clean every inch of your pool while maximizing performance and efficiency.

Dolphin MaxBin NanoFilter
Dolphin Quantum SmartNav 2.0 Scanning

SmartNav 2.0™ Real-Time Scanning

With an onboard Microprocessor, engineers at Maytronics gave the Quantum the latest SmartNav 2.0™ robotic scanning. This allows the Quantum to navigate your pool and avoid any obstacles, such as stairs and ladders. Built upon the robots of the past, the future is here. Just another cutting-edge feature of the Dolphin Max-Series.

Swap Filter Types in Seconds

Thanks to the MaxBin's innovative design, swapping the filters on the MaxBin is easy as ever. With one snap, the panels are easily removeable and can be swapped with the included NanoFilters™. This innovative design gives Quantum a revolutionary leap forward from past pool cleaners. Altering the way pool owners capture dirt, debris, and algae, it allows pool owners to customize each and every clean.

Dolphin Quantum Variable Filtration

MaxBin™ Meets The NanoFilter™

Experience the power and excellence of a MaxBin™ integrated with NanoFilters — introducing an unparalleled combination. A novel encounter with advanced particulate filtration awaits as you delve into this unique blend. The Nanofilter, boasting a sophisticated system, has been meticulously designed to intercept impurities effectively, preventing their dispersion within the water you enjoy. Among filtration solutions, the Nanofilters truly stand alone in their mastery over oil elimination. By entrapping oil, the Nanofilter creates a transparent barrier around ensnared particles, and during the cleaning process, this unique blend is subsequently expelled, offering an invaluable method to enhance the lucidity and purity of water. The pleated NanoFilters™ further elevate the filtration level, resulting in remarkably clear and refined water. Even the traditional cloudiness that often plagues pool water due to minute suspended components is no match for the extraordinary Nanofiltration technology.

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The New Standard

The transformation is evident and undeniable. Maytronics has taken their 2023 range of robotic pool cleaners to an entirely new level with the introduction of the Dolphin Max-Series. Enter the domain of the latest advancements in second-generation filtration. The MaxBin™, featuring NanoFilters™, seamlessly combines simplicity and effectiveness, rendering the previous design obsolete. Meticulously crafted to handle leaves and debris with precision, it's no surprise that numerous pool owners prefer the exceptional capabilities of MaxBin™ Technology.

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