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Our Largest Filters Ever.

Introducing MaxBin™, a second-generation update to the standard filters, the Max-Series™ stands apart from all other robotic pool cleaners. This major design change involves massively sized debris bins, distinctly differentiating it. The previously present twin smaller filters have now been replaced by a substantial top-loading debris bin.

MaxBin, as explained by the engineers who conceptualized it, was a direct response to consumer feedback. Previous models like the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus utilized two smaller filters and a total of six parts. The necessity to disassemble each filter for cleaning was consistently problematic. Now, for the first time, disassembly is completely unnecessary. This innovative next-generation design not only reduces the steps involved in cleaning the robot but also accelerates the cleaning process by 80%. Additionally, the new design facilitates a tidier debris disposal process, as the number of touch points during cleaning has been diminished from six to a solitary one.

It's Never Been Easier

Cleaning a Max-Series™ robot has been reduced to just seconds—no more struggling to clean a pool cleaner. Using just one hand, you can effortlessly clean the filtration bin. Lift the top panel to reveal a convenient handle that pops up. In a simple motion, open the single trap door in the top-loading Max-Series™ robots. This reveals the MaxBin, which can be easily emptied by dumping its contents. If there’s fine debris, a quick spray with the water hose will remove the small particulate.

Emptying the Quantum no longer requires you to get your hands dirty. The previous generation Dolphin filters demanded opening two smaller cartridges and touching six parts. Each one might need to be sprayed off with a water hose, making the process messy. Engineers designed the Max-Series™ with convenience in mind—simply open the trap door with an easy one-handed motion, and the handle pops up. Now, grab and empty the MaxBin by dumping its contents. Messy and time-consuming clean-ups are a thing of the past.

A New Generation.

For years, engineers at Maytronics have been honing and tuning the Dolphin robots and pushing innovation. Their relentless efforts have brought them to the brink of realizing a goal that has eluded them for so long. This significant achievement takes the form of the revolutionary Dolphin Max-Series™. Emerging as the second iteration of Dolphin robots, this new generation stands as the pinnacle of accumulated knowledge and experience inherited from its forerunners. With the Max-Series, the triumphs of the past meld seamlessly with a visionary outlook on the future of robotic technology.

What goes in. Stays in.

The revolutionary MaxBin filter technology forms the core of this innovative series. Engineered to redefine cleaning efficiency, the MaxBin filter stands as a groundbreaking advancement, guaranteeing unmatched pool cleaning performance. The Dolphin Max-Series™ commits to providing impeccably clear water by harnessing its cutting-edge filtration capabilities, effectively capturing the minutest debris particles.

Dolphin MaxBin NanoFilter
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Effortlessly Simple. Astonishingly Spacious.

Beyond expectations, the Dolphin Max-Series™ stands as a testament to Maytronics' unwavering dedication to redefining robotic pool cleaning. This remarkable robotic achievement is born from a steadfast pursuit of progress and an unyielding commitment to pushing the limits. Built upon a foundation of past accomplishments, the Dolphin Max-Series™ is a vivid representation of continuous advancement and a glimpse into a future characterized by brilliance and cleanliness.

Innovative Bin Design

The Max-Series™ sets itself apart from the rest of the Dolphin cleaner lineup with the introduction of MaxBin—a transformative upgrade to Dolphin robots. The design innovation primarily centers around the filtration system. Gone are the twin smaller filters, now replaced by a generously sized top-loading debris bin. MaxBin fundamentally alters the way dirt, debris, and leaves are managed, making the process a revolutionary leap forward.

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MaxBin™ Meets The NanoFilter™

Introducing an unparalleled combination—experience the potency and excellence of a MaxBin™ integrated with NanoFilters. A novel encounter with advanced particulate filtration awaits. The Nanofilter boasts a sophisticated system designed to effectively intercept impurities, preventing their dispersion within the water you enjoy. Among filtration solutions, the Nanofilters stand alone in their mastery over oil elimination. As the Nanofilter entraps oil, it creates a transparent barrier around ensnared particles. This unique blend is subsequently expelled during the cleaning process, offering an invaluable method to enhance the lucidity and purity of water. The pleated NanoFilters™ elevate the filtration level, yielding water that is remarkably clear and refined. Even the traditional cloudiness that often plagues pool water, arising from minute suspended components, is no match for the extraordinary Nanofiltration technology.

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The New Standard

The transformation is unmistakable. Maytronics has elevated their 2023 lineup of robotic pool cleaners to an entirely new echelon with the Dolphin Max-Series. Step into the realm of the latest second-generation filters. The MaxBin™ with NanoFilters™, a fusion of ease and efficacy, relegates the former design to obsolescence. Engineered to tackle leaves and debris with finesse, it's no wonder why a multitude of pool owners favor the prowess of MaxBin™ Technology.

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